A Quick Travel Guide to Australia

There is a reason the land of down under is the country for expatriation and taking a gap year to work abroad – it is alluring in everything it offers. With brilliant landscapes, a jumping nightlife and once in a life time experiences such as epic scuba diving liveaboard
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Why The Czech Republic Is Perfect for Walking Holidays​

The Czech Republic offers walkers an unspoilt and varied landscape to explore on foot, either under your  own steam or with organised walking tours.​ ​   If walking is your thing, put your best foot forward in Bohemia​. Here you’ll find all kinds of scenery that will stop
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How not to let your traveling style stop you traveling

Adventure can mean so many different things depending on the type of person you are. But that shouldn’t stop you from traveling your way whether your a party animal, culture junkie or an entire family! Many blogs these days are about the most extreme budget travelers with funny
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I got Pissed on By an Orang-utan

We’ve all had our share of monkey business, whether been robbed by baboons in India or pissed on by an Orang-utan. We anxiously waited in the hot afternoon sun at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo. We had all paid an entrance fee, but only some of us would get more
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Big Money Cities On The Cheap: Toronto

Toronto can be a very expensive city. Ask anyone who lives there, they’ll tell you the same. While skyrocketing real estate prices have made owning in Toronto almost impossible, visiting the big smoke can be done for less than you think, but only if you plan ahead and pla
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Big Money Cities on the Cheap: Montreal

Full of vibrant cities and cultural diversity, Canada offers the best of both city and wilderness to indulge your inner explorer. If your love of traveling involves exploring the world’s major cities, then look no further! Ask any Canadian, they’ll tell you that Canada is known
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Southern Africa on Safari: 5 reasons why here?

A safari adventure is high up the list of any keen wildlife enthusiast and there is no better destination than Southern Africa. Stretching from South Africa, Botswana and Nambia to Zimbabwe and Zambia, this remarkable region attracts animal lovers, families and travelers alike!
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Things to do in Bali

Ahh Bali. An island of Indonesia full of stunning beaches and surf, volcanic mountains and so many rice paddies and temples you won’t know what hit you! With so much beauty to see and so little time it can be overwhelming thinking about everything you want to do and see, but
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