Guide To Travelling With Contact Lenses

Life Thru A Lens I travel because I want to experience the world because I want to touch, taste, smell and hear it but above all because I want to see it! The Pyramids of Giza, The Easter Island Statues, and The Grand Canyon are world famous images which can stir the soul like
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Best Travel Apps

Best Travel Apps As the world of technology continues to expand, the number of apps available at our fingertips continues to multiply. When browsing the app store, it’s kind of hard to figure out which app is really going to improve your overall travel experience. Not to worry,
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Roadtrip in the US

A Road Trip is the Best Way to Experience the US

A Road Trip is the Best Way to Experience the US Visitors to the United States tend to miss a lot when they choose to only fly in and out of the major airports. Sure, New York and LA are especially overwhelming destinations in and of themselves, but each is only a small sliver of
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Staying Clean On The Road

Staying Clean On The Road Although the earth is made up of 70% water, the bits where us humans live are mostly made of dirt so it’s no surprise that living can sometimes be a filthy business. Travelling the world and making the memories that last a lifetime is especially
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off the beaten track holidays

Top Adventures You Probably Never Thought of Having

Off The Beaten Track Holidays You Never Thought of Having For the ten billionth time, a friend has excitedly messaged me that he’s off to explore the world and  get off the beaten path! Backpack! Adventure! At first glance I was stoked for him, enthusiastically asking where he
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how to travel cheap

Tips To Make Your Travel Budget Last

So you wanna know how to travel cheap? So you worked hard all summer, or all winter, or maybe you even worked hard all summer and winter. You worked every hour you could in a tedious, low paying job and saved every last penny. You denied yourself life’s little luxuries
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Where Should You Go To Learn To Surf?

Surfing is probably the most iconic watersport out there – maybe people will argue with this point but hey, chill out man, it’s only a blog! Mastering the art of the wave-riding can take a lifetime, but anyone can enjoy this sport with a little practice. Below
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Best Stag Do Destinations

The Very Best Stag Do Destinations In Europe

The Very Best Stag Do Destinations In Europe Best mate getting married? Congratulations and commiserations in equal measure then. As the best man, not only do you have possibly the most nerve-wracking element of the wedding to get right (the speech), you’ve also got to pull off a
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10.5 Reasons To Visit Argentina Right Now

10.5 Reasons To Visit Argentina Right Now Many people dream of going to South America, and Argentina always seems to be a very popular destination and for very good reasons! The country has incredibly beautiful attractions, from the Andes in the west to the Iguazu Falls in the
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best indian getaways

Best Indian Getaway Spots

Best Indian Getaway Spots We at Poor Explorer truly love India. Between us, we’ve notched up over 2 years in the country and  explored its back ways & alley ways, and its hi-ways & bi-ways like few other travel blogs have. However, there is no denying that India can be a
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