June 18, 2013

Photoblog from Kuranda BirdWorld

Nestled among the mountaintops in the Atherton Tablelands in small hippie village in Kuranda there are a surprising number of touristy animal sanctuaries. Namely a Koala Garden, Butterfly Sanctuary, Bat Reach and BirdWorld. I’m slightly obsessed with birds and these birds
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Photoblog from a Flight Over Taree

I had been pestering my family friend, Tez, for years to take me up in his plane. He is an aviation mechanic and owns a vintage Auster passenger plane that is older than him! Finally during the road trip he had a day off and agreed to take us up. The following photos are of
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Sydney to Cairns Road Trip – Part Two

Brisbane To Cairns: Part Two Of Sydney To Cairns Road Trip Suggested Itinerary for the Sydney to Cairns road trip with cheap travel tips and links. To see Part One of this Itinerary click here. Total Travel Time: 34hr 15min View View the Road trip in a larger map Brisbane to
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